Let your business grow with us.

HD Global Industry Service has been a supplier  for various industries such as
Construction Supplies, Industrial Machinery, Man Power, Specialist Supply, Design and Creation for Industries, Hospitality, residential and Commercial sectors

Our experience.

Thanks to our well-established position in the market and our advantageous relationship with producers around the world, we are continually developing new products and expanding our customer base.

We are fully committed on helping our clients be more cost-effective by providing them with the right quality of services, supplies and consumables at right price and time, and we try to create close relationships with customers and develop creative solutions to achieve those goals.
We take pride not only in the reliability and quality of our products, but also in the speed in which transactions are made. Our commitment to excellence has helped expand our customer base to cover: Europe, Balkans, and the Middle East.

Our services.

With this experience in conjunction with our broad spectrum of suppliers we offer a wide range of products including, but not limited to:
• Key ready construction services and supplies, including      but not limited to shell construction as well as exterior and interior
• Industrial machinery
• Project management
• Architectural services and 3D visualizations
• Construction workers and supervisors supply
• Full range Development
• Custom Furnishing

Our team.

Founder Hakan Dogan    


German, English, Turkish

Business development, construction and supply experience of more than 16 years in Europe, the UK and Turkey with extensive interconnectivity.

“The pursuit of excellence with unrestrained passion can only lead to the BEST”

Co Founder Marinko Jovović     

Balkan region

Serbian, English

More than 25 years of Industrial and Construction experience with a wide range on Business connections and knowledge.

“Experience and enthusiasm are key factors to success”

Co Founder Natalie Witzer Alshamlan

UAE – Balkan region – Türkiye

German, Bosnian/Serbian, English, Arabic

More than 10 years of experience in UAE’s Construction and Real Estate Market with a broad spectrum of interconnectivity between Europe and the Middle East.

“We strive for perfection, and settle for excellence!”